Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cambodian Halloween

It's the weekend before Halloween and all the Westerners in Siem Reap are in full celebration mode! Roxana, another volunteer teacher from Mexico, and I decided to go out and embrace our beloved North American tradition. The night started out with a pit stop to buy some light-up devil horns for make-shift costumes (which most Cambodians seemed to think were either cow or water buffalo horns, more relate-able here I guess!) and then it went something like this...

Trying the famous fish massage, drink in hand!

Definitely screamed when I first put my feet in

They eat dead skin off your feet... it tickles!

Our fish massage friend

Then this guy showed up and scared the crap out of me

Roxana and I

One baaad Cambodian

My not-so-intimidating face

Ridiculously creepy clown



Anonymous said...

Can't Wait until the kids wake up to show them these pics! Was up early this a.m. and gazed at the stars outside...thought of you and how those stars are gazing down on you too! Love, from all here
Auntie Lisa xxoo

Wondering and Wandering said...

Aw yes definitely show them! What are they being for Halloween? I think about that sometimes too, it's comforting :) Lots of love! xo