Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What $5/Night Will Get You On Koh Phangan

Compared to other places in Southeast Asia the Thai islands really aren't that cheap, especially around the holidays. Here on Koh Phangan, most budget accommodation starts at about 300 baht* and can double or even triple around Christmas and New Years. You can imagine my surprise when I found accommodation for a mere 150 baht/$5 US, which is pretty unheard of here. Although it's cheap I'm definitely getting what I'm paying for. This is what $5 gets you on Koh Phangan:

My own little bungalow

Shared bathrooms

Again, I'm getting what I'm paying for

A pretty decent common area!

It's nothing fancy but I really don't need fancy. It's cheap, clean, close to the beach - it does the job.
Plus when I save money by staying somewhere inexpensive I can justify spending a little more on other things, like the occasional massage! It kinda feels like camping but I'm enjoying my little bungalow, and the price is definitely right.

* 30 baht = $1 US


Susan Zwick said...

Darling,i read your blog,thanks for showing us your accomadations make sure you stay healthy, I have had a wonderful time with your family in Harrison hot springs I loved going in the different pools ,despite the different temperatures, love you lots, always grandma

Sarah Abjeg said...

hahaha it looks cute! just not solid enough mais booon
have a great time Alex, use every minute to make memories

des bisous

Anonymous said...

Hope ur feeling better..happy 2013! Enjoy Enjoy!
Love,Auntie Lisa

Wondering and Wandering said...

@ Grandma - You're welcome! Glad you had fun, love you too!

@ Sarah - Ha, je pense souvent a toi, merci encore une fois pour ta lecture continuee!

@ Auntie Lisa - Much better thanks! Happy 2013 to you too, thank you for reading!