Wednesday, October 2, 2013

364 to Home

Right, 24 hours of travel spanning three time zones has left my internal clock a bit dazed and confused so I'm going to keep this short and sweet (Fiji blogs are coming soon!).

After 364 days of volunteering, working and traveling through 10 different countries - I'm home. I'll be honest, I was feeling pretty anxious yesterday morning (or was it this morning? The time travel situation still has me baffled) as I was leaving Fiji, bound for Vancouver. At first my anxiety puzzled me. Home implies a place that's familiar, constant - nothing to be nervous about, right? But then it hit me: while traveling I've grown so accustomed to the unfamiliar that the idea of being somewhere I know so well had me kind of freaked out. 

Whatever the cause, my nerves dissipated the minute I saw my parents at the airport. Seeing them, riding in the car, sitting on the couch in our living room enjoying one of my Dad's famous chocolate milkshakes... it's like I never left. And while I plan on returning to Australia in about a month to continue my working holiday visa (and probably keep traveling after that) I plan on savoring every moment of this familiarity that can only come from being home.

Greeted with roses from my lovely parents at YVR!

My dad had this printed at work. Actually awesome.

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