Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There are certain cities I've always thought it would be special to spend New Years Eve in, and I can now cross Sydney off that list!

When picturing New Years in Sydney I figured it would be chaotic and crowded but I'll admit, I was naive as to what extent. We got to a park with a great view of the Harbour Bridge just before 1PM, and we were far from the first ones there.

It got increasingly crowded as the day went on (I think they stopped letting people in the park at around 5PM) but it was pretty cool to see the Harbour and Opera House so packed. The sun was shining, music was playing and everyone was in a good mood, laughing with their loved ones - you couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere.

At around 10PM I started to get pretty tired from having been in the recklessly hot sun all day but as midnight grew nearer my excitement jolted me awake. After hours of anticipation the countdown was finally displayed on the Harbour Bridge, immediately followed by Sydney's world-famous fireworks. They seemed to make the first minutes of 2014 stand still for me, because all I could think about was the big, beautiful blazes of colour in the sky and how glad I was to be watching them with Ben.

Walking back amidst the sea of revelers, I couldn't help but feel happy and hopeful for the the new year just begun.

#NYESYD was definitely one to remember. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014!

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