Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tea, Trekking and Scrabble

When I decided I was coming to Malaysia I knew I had to visit the Cameron Highlands. A region full of tea plantations with temperatures rarely rising above 20 degrees sounded like bliss, and it was. I met a wonderful group of people, the guesthouse bed was ridiculously comfortable, the tea was heavenly, the scenery was first-class... all in all it was the perfect place to escape the heat, drink some tea, do some trekking and play scrabble, which is exactly how my two days there were spent.

View from the summit of our trek

Possibly even more trees than in Canada?!

Tea plantation!

A delicious cup of tea.

More tea leaves

The group, a bit tired post-trek

An intense game of scrabble


TrekkerTrail said...

The mountain ridges of Malaysia is really astounding. I hope I can visit this place someday.

Wondering and Wandering said...

It was amazing, I'd highly recommend it! Thanks for reading :)