Friday, May 24, 2013

Our House

After gallivanting all over SE Asia, I came to Australia in search of a little stability. I wanted to get a job, join a gym, find a place to live and just enjoy being in one place for a while.

Well, I got my wish: I found a job (info and photos to come), I've joined a gym and perhaps most exciting of all, I have an actual place to call home (for a little while at least!)

Calling this flat run-down is putting it pretty mildly: the carpets are stained, most of the kitchen cupboard doors are missing, the bathroom walls would be a great research spot for anyone doing a science project on mold and there's no Wi-Fi (hence my recent lack of posts!)

Be that as it may, the location is great (it's on Chapel Street, which is lined with cool shops and cafes), the rent is cheap (by Melbourne standards anyway) and my five flatmates (two English guys, one Welsh guy, one American girl and one Japanese girl) are awesome.

Our building... note the charming grafitti

Entrance from Chapel Street

Flat 1!

The oh-so-damp bathroom

Front hall

Living room

The backyard

Baking cookies!

The Brits

I have no doubt that the novelty of leading a less nomadic life will start to wear off after a few months,
but for now the prospect of having a couch to come home and flop down on is nothing short of thrilling.

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