Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Day Off

Traveling for seven months straight meant that pretty much every day was a 'day off' for me. Now that I'm working full time (something I haven't done in almost a year!) I am really beginning to look forward to and make the most of the days when I'm not working. 

Ben and I had the day off together yesterday and decided to make the most of it by going on a bike adventure. We made it to the cute little seaside community of Williamstown. It wasn't too far outside of downtown Melbourne but its quiet streets and historic buildings made it feel worlds apart.

Fish and chips for the English boy!

Central Business District, aka CBD/downtown

Lots of starfish on the dock!

Playing with fire water

Greedy seagulls

Our mode of transport du jour


To top off our already awesome day, on our way back home we stopped off at the St. Kilda pier where penguins (yes, penguins) swim up every night to nest. I didn't get any amazing pictures because you can't use your flash around them but they were ridiculously cute, and who knew you could see penguins in Australia - just minutes from your house no less?!

One of the many adorable little guys!

It was most definitely an enjoyable day off. Melbourne is awesome.


Suzanne said...

Hi Alex, Its Suzanne here. Love these photos, are those the fairy penquins? It looks beaut where you are. HAve you been able t get in touch with my friend? I know she would love to speak and/or meet you.
Keep me posted
Love Suzanne

Wondering and Wandering said...

Hey Suzanne, yeah it's great here! I just texted your friend today, I'll let you know if I hear back from her :) Thanks for reading! xo