Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Van Gogh

As anyone reading this probably knows by now, I'm currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I've shown you all pictures of the house I'm sharing with five other people from around the world (photos and bios of my housemates to come) but I've finally gotten around to taking some of the cafe I'm working at: Vincent's Place!

Vincent's Place

My boss and co-worker being goofs


Charming, no?

Best part of my job: stoking the fire

Aaaaand the beach is just down the road. Awesome.

I do a bit of everything there: take orders, serve food, tidy up... but I still need to be trained on how to make a proper "strong skinny flat white with 1" (yes, that  is a type of drink - ordering coffee here in Melbourne is serious business let me tell you!) It's a pretty awesome job and it's been interesting to learn more about the city's 'cafe culture' (blog on that to come as well!)

Oh, in case you were wondering the owner of the cafe isn't named Vincent - it's named after Van Gogh!


Susan Zwick said...

Boy would l like to try a "Brunette"! Looks like a charming place with lots of character.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Alex, I love the place totally cute and quaint and I love a flat white also!

Anonymous said...

Looks cuute, happy for you alex !! btw i don t seem to but I am reading each post, just don t have time to comment each one ! let me know when we can skype mon amie
it's sarah btw ;)

Wondering and Wandering said...

Mom - the brunette is delicious, good choice! I'll re-create it when I come home.

Anonymous - Thanks, it's a great place to work!

Sarah - Merci de ta lecture continuee mon amie! Skype c'est difficile car je n'ai pas de wifi a la maison - mais on en parlera sur fbook :)

Anonymous said...

alex! this is a sweet little cafe. very cute, and i like the name. remember my neighbour named vincent who would leave trails of orange peels down the street? made me think of him. i hope the baking is becoming a little easier for you :) take care - Ayns