Thursday, August 29, 2013

Countdown to Awesome

When living in a flat as crap as ours, the cons (mold everywhere, an ant-infested bathroom and and a kitchen-roaming rodent, to name a few) far outweigh the pros. The place is in such bad shape that it's basically going to be torn down in a few weeks, which means that one pro of living there is that we can draw on the walls (something the kid in me has always wanted to do) without enraging our landlord. This, combined with the fact we don't own a calendar, has led Ben and I to draw a 'countdown to awesome' on the wall of our bedroom.

'Awesome' will entail:

- Quitting our jobs and leaving Melbourne
- Renting a camper and traveling around Victoria for a week, namely Wilson's Prom National Park and the Great Ocean Road
- Spending a little over a week in Fiji, which looks like it'll be absolute paradise
- Flying home to Canada to visit my family!

Needless to say we're both pretty excited. Although a large part of me is sad to be leaving a pretty sweet job in a city that I love and feel at home in, I'm also really looking forward to change things up a little and break away from a routine.

We also drew some suns, for good measure.

So to sum up... less than three weeks 'til awesome. I can't wait!!!

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