Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Less Work, More Snorkel

A while back I was musing about the give and take of travel (AKA about how my crap job but that it's allowed me to do lots of amazing stuff.) The good news is said crap job is finally finished, but the bad news is they managed to screw me over one last time...

Long story short, when I got hired I was told I absolutely HAD to stay until the beginning of May. Wanting to keep my promise, I booked my flight out of Australia for May 3 and arranged for my last day of work to be May 1. 

Just the other day (April 26 to be exact) the owners oh-so-kindly told me they decided to cut my last four shifts so that they could train someone else. So rather than having a couple of free days before flying out liked I planned, now I have a whole week - not ideal considering I was given next to no notice. It's a bit annoying having a few hundred dollars less than I thought I would plus so much unexpected time to fill before leaving, but I'm also genuinely happy that I never have to endure another shift at that place again. And instead of working today I got to go for a snorkel - gotta look on the bright side right?!

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