Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Manly No Longer

Today I went for what was probably my last run in Manly and it finally hit me that in just a couple of short days I'll be leaving yet another place I've come to call home.

I've heard Manly locals proudly refer to their beloved home town as paradise on more than one occasion, and it's not hard to see why: Surf, sun, beaches and so much natural beauty, all at your doorstep... Manly definitely has a lot going for it.

While it was a wonderful place to spend the summer, it had its downsides. My utter disdain for my job, our crazy landlords (I don't think I ever mentioned them but to give you an idea, they installed a security camera in the house just as we were moving out - slightly nuts) and a lack of a solid group of friends detracted a bit from the overall experience. Still, living in Manly definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the time I spent in Melbourne (where I lucked out with both my job and group of friends/housemates) and I really do feel like Ben and I made the most out of our time here.

There are things I'm going to miss about this little beach town but I am absolutely ready to to bid Manly (and Australia!) adieu and start on the next adventure: A week in Cambodia and a summer in Europe!

One of our many summer night dinners on the deck

A Christmas down under!

 The pool where we occasionally swam laps, with Manly Beach in the background

Manly Dam


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