Saturday, May 24, 2014

Food Is Secondary

I love ethnic food of all kinds but if I had to pick a favourite... it would have to be Italian. My family, Ben and I have been in Seregno, a city just outside of Milan, for three days now visiting our extended family and we have been eating well. (Arguably too well, as we're all under the impression that our clothes feel just slightly snugger than when we got here.) But when you're surrounded by such delicious food (and lots of it!) how can you not indulge yourself a bit? (Warning: if you're hungry, now is probably not the best time to look at these photos)

Ciocolatta con panna

Sciatt (kind of fried cheese)

Pizzocherri (regional pasta dish with cheese and vegetables)


Croissant (but unlike in France, it's sweet!)

Homemade pesto lasagne

We even had the great pleasure of going to an all you can eat pizza and risotto restaurant. Where, you know, the waitress just walks around with a variety of flavours of each and serves you the kinds you want. Yes, THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS. I literally thought I'd died and gone to Heaven.

Just one of many slices

Just one of many (many) servings

As mouth-watering as Italian cuisine is, it is without a doubt best enjoyed with good company. As my mom likes to say, 'Food is secondary' - it's who you're with that really matters, and I would have to agree. None of these meals would have been half as delightful without the company of our extended Italian family.

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