Monday, June 23, 2014

Cows > People

I've been to some pretty small and sparsely inhabited towns/hamlets/communes/villages during my travels: Tierra Nueva, El Salvador; Asserargh, Morocco; La-Roque-sur-Pernes, France; Suchy Dul, Czech Republic; Watsvay, Cambodia... to name a few.


Czech Republic


While all of these places could very accurately be described as 'small', an adorable village my family and I visited in Staffordshire, England gave the word a whole new meaning. Welcome to Hollinsclough, where there are more cows (at least 50) than people (just six - we know this because we asked a local, who counted the villagers one by one on her fingers). 

Aside from being smaller than I thought possible, it was everything I pictured a rural English village to be: vastly picturesque, unimagineably quaint and full (well, as full as a tiny place like this can be) of warm and welcoming locals. My family and I couldn't have picked a better spot to end our holiday together.

Even the sign for the town was cute

The 'town square' (the house we stayed in is there on the left!)

The town phone booth

Afternoon rush hour

Some curious sheep on a nearby hill

Ben & I

The fam :)

Mom enjoying the view/sheep

Beautiful countryside

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