Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canada Day Abroad

One thing I've learned from traveling is that no country is perfect. Canada is no exception but generally speaking, I am very proud to be Canadian, and there is no better time to celebrate that pride than on Canada Day (July 1st). 

Most people would probably agree that Canada Day is best celebrated on home soil surrounded by your fellow countrymen, drinking cold beers or watching fireworks. If you're abroad, however, having your boyfriend (who isn't even Canadian) surprise you with an array of typical Canadian food is arguably just as good! Yes, I am speaking from personal experience: yesterday I was completely spoiled with a delicious meal of Kraft Dinner and poutine, with root beer floats and Beaver Tails for dessert. 

I look forward to the next July 1st that I'll spend back in Canada but until then, Happy (belated) Canada Day from England!

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