Saturday, February 2, 2013

Familiar Faces

As much as I enjoyed volunteering in Cambodia, after two months there I was more than ready to move on and start traveling. I spent most of December and January making my way through Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, meeting lots of fantastic people from all around the world along the way, as people traveling on their own often do.

New friends in Penang, Malaysia

While it felt good to be in full travel mode, six weeks of making new friends every few days started to get a bit tiring. That's why I was looking forward to getting to Hakuba, Japan, to visit a friend of mine who's working there. Spending time with someone I already knew and didn't have to spend time getting to know first was a welcome change of pace.

Hakuba, Japan

I wanted to see some more familiar faces post-Japan, which is why I've decided to head back to
Siem Reap for a bit. There are still plenty of new places I'm looking forward to traveling to but I'm also happy to be spending some time in a city/with people that I know. The best part? I'm actually going to get picked up at the airport, a relatively rare occurrence for a solo traveler!

My 'little sisters' in Cambodia

Sayonara Japan, suseday Cambodia!


Anonymous said...

Alex- This is Jill Lengre (your Aunt Suzy's sister). Your mom came to visit with your sister recently and told me about your adventures and blog. I have been surfing around your blog and really enjoyed reading what you have been up to. Enjoy your adventure to the fullest!

Wondering and Wandering said...

Hi Jill! Glad you are enjoying it, thanks for reading! Hope you and Sebastien are both well!