Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fan Of Hoi An

I spent a wonderful day meandering throughout the delightful city of Hoi An. It's yet another place that doesn't seem to have much to offer in terms of things to 'do' yet I found myself captivated by its narrow streets, charming colonial architecture, numerous rainbow-coloured lanterns, delicious food, bustling riverfront and beautiful beaches. Despite mass amounts of tourists and determined Vietnamese salespeople pushing clothing, shoes and other goods every chance they get, Hoi An manages to retain a certain composure that leaves you practically unaware of all the fuss going on around you. Suffice to say I'm a pretty big fan.

Taking a snooze

Great colonial-style architecture


Window shutters... love

'Cao Lau', a traditional dish from Hoi An

Can't get enough of these hats

Trying (and failing) to row

Our boat 'captain' sailing away

Simply stunning

Need I say more?

Hoi An proved to be an extremely pleasant city to explore; I'm definitely looking forward to day two!

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