Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Khmer Cooking Class

One thing I was hoping to do while in Southeast Asia was take a cooking class, but they're not cheap and I hadn't gotten around to actually doing one yet. Well tonight I somehow ended up taking an impromptu cooking class from the two lovely girls who work at my guesthouse, who were kind enough to show me how to make spring rolls.

My Khmer teachers!

It took me far longer than it takes them, mine didn't look quite as nice as theirs and they didn't really let me drop them into the frying pan full of scalding hot oil (probably a wise decision on their part) but I still did it! I am quite proud, probably far prouder than I should be but coming from someone whose cooking skills extend as far as making stir-fry and homemade macaroni and cheese, this feels like a pretty major accomplishment.

The (delicious) finished product.

I didn't wake up today thinking I would know how to make spring rolls by the end of it but therein lies the appeal of travel: You never know what kind of new things you might get to experience.

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