Monday, November 19, 2012

Same Same But Different

While it's important to try new things while traveling, I think that one of the funnest things you can do in a foreign country is an activity you have at home. Although it's the "same" activity in theory, it will likely be quite a bit different. I found this to be the case when I played laser tag in France, went to the movies in Belgium and as of this weekend, when I went rollerblading in Cambodia.  

In a lot of ways it felt familiar to a roller rink at home: there were families and teenagers on dates and pop music playing loudly. But it also wasn't the same at all: the skates were literally falling apart (it's a good thing I figure skated for 10 years or I probably wouldn't have been able to stand up), helmets were far from mandatory (even for kids), a group of Khmer teenage girls wanted to take pictures with me and add me on Facebook (I don't think any teenagers in Canada would give me the time of day) and the "rink" was outdoors (on the roof of a shopping mall). As they say here in Southeast Asia, it was "same same but different." My feet were in crazy amounts of pain but I still had a ridiculously good time.

The smelliest and most uncomfortable roller blades in the world

Helping Aly (the director of my school) skate

Sandra, Natalie and Christina (Aly's daughters) lacing up

Kris (another volunteer teacher) took a fall!

Srei sat (beautiful girls)

Taking a break

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