Sunday, November 18, 2012

Connecting In Cambodia

While I was in Korea I posted about a really nice Korean girl I met. When she told me she would be traveling to Thailand in November, I had suggested she also visit Siem Reap. I made this suggestion not expecting her to actually come (not because she's flaky but Bangkok isn't exactly down the street) but lo and behold, she arrived at my guesthouse on Thursday night! Although I was pretty busy teaching, she dropped in on one of my morning classes at school and we went for drinks on Friday night.

We are from different countries and we don't speak the same language but as I wrote before, it really doesn't matter because we somehow have lots in common as well. 

She's already back in Thailand but I hope to meet Maggi again one day. The way traveling goes, I have a feeling I will.

Maggi & I

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